Our goal is to be able to offer products for you and your four-legged friend at fair prices. You and your animal are our focus. You should have fun and enjoy our products. And the more satisfied customers we have, the more animals can have a home where they are loved as they deserve. We believe in that!


Animals can't write the word "love", but they can show it all the better.
Every animal lover will certainly be able to have this experience and knows that the love between us and our furry friends is something special. It enriches us and brings even more joy into life. But we are also aware that unfortunately there are many pets that are not doing well. For various reasons, they come to the shelter or are even put down simply because the owners no longer have the desire or time. But it can't stay that way and that's why we want to make a contribution so that more animals have a (second) chance to find their heart person, with and with whom they can spend their lives safely.

Animals give us a lot - let's give something back to them. Many dear people would like to have a pet, but shy away from it for financial reasons. Owning a pet doesn't have to be a luxury.


We kicked off Nala and Luna in the summer of 2018 in our hometown of Zurich, Switzerland. We quickly optimized the online shop with several national languages so that we can really be there for our customers and their furry friends throughout Switzerland and in many European countries and beyond. We work with suppliers worldwide, but of course we also focus on working with Swiss retailers and Swiss brands, so that we can offer our customers fast, direct delivery without detours.


We are committed to animal welfare and are happy to support great projects that are also committed to it. Do you know such a project? Contact us and tell us about it. We would also like to support your project. What began in 2018 with us, Silja and Anton as a small start-up has now become a team of ten motivated animal lovers. Together we work every day to be able to offer you and your furry friend the best shopping experience. But since we are “only” human, please check with us if things don’t go smoothly. We do our best and only together can we achieve our mission.



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Basel Animal Welfare Association

The Basel Animal Welfare Association has been taking care of homeless animals for over 90 years. If necessary, cats and dogs are given medical care, cared for and placed in a new home. This great work deserves support and every contribution helps the animal welfare association, above all the animals.

We have donated cat beds and cat blankets so that the fur noses have a cozy and warm place.

Animals in Need Foundation

Stinah has been involved in both institutional and individual animal welfare for years. This includes educational and advisory work, political and legal advances and concrete help in emergencies.

The foundation's priority is to help animals in need by finding good places to live. So that the animals have it as comfortable as possible until then, we have equipped Stinah with litter boxes, dog beds and dog coats.


The Tierlignadenhof Foundation sees its task in enabling helpless or orphaned animals to lead a life appropriate to their species and promoting the connection between humans and animals. The Tierlignadenhof Foundation also needs support so that every animal in need can be taken in and cared for.

We can all make donations to ensure that every animal receives food, care and medical attention. We were very happy to provide the Tierlignadenhof with new dog beds.

Phoenixson's Shepherd Help

The task of Phönixsons is to help German Shepherds in need, at home and abroad.
The fixed costs for caring for the dogs such as food, medication, neutering, vaccinations and worming are high every month.

There are also veterinary costs, which are usually not calculable. Therefore, every donation, no matter how small, helps the Schäferhundhilfe. We were very happy to support Phönixsons with a monetary donation.

With kind regards from Zurich, your team from Nala and Luna