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Based on the principle of evaporation, but remains dry Features: Dry cooling mat Cooling of up to 15° C compared to the ambient temperature for up to 72 hours. Cooling starts...

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  • Based on the principle of evaporation, but remains dry
  • Features: Dry cooling mat
  • Cooling of up to 15° C compared to the ambient temperature for up to 72 hours.
  • Cooling starts immediately after filling the cooling vest or mat with water and lasts up to 72 hours
  • For on the go or at home
  • min. 750 reactivable = 54000 hours refreshment, for a dog's life, is 100% non-toxic (materials TÜV tested)

Dogs feel most comfortable when the outside temperature is below 20 degrees Celsius. We humans can sweat, but the dog wears its warm coat in summer and in winter. The nose as the dog's most important cooling organ offers our four-legged friends too little cooling in the summer days. The result is heat stress in the body and the dog pants up to 300x per minute!

The heart rate and thus the physical strain increases. Older or short-nosed dogs in particular suffer massively from warm temperatures. The cooling capacity of our cooling mat perfectly covers the bed requirements after relaxation in a cooling environment. In cooperation with veterinarians, the mat was adapted to the dog's bed needs and transforms his dog bed into a cooling oasis. Even older dogs, which already have changes in their cardiovascular system due to old age, can be optimally supported by the cooling mat in the warm months.

In the car, dog boxes are very often used to secure the dog. Unfortunately, these keep the cooling of the car's air conditioning mostly away from the dog. Here, too, the cooling mat has proven its worth, as the dry air from the air conditioning system maximizes the cooling capacity of the mats. Another advantage of the cooling mat, especially in the car, is that it stays 100% dry.

When activated, the cooling mat can also simply be folded up and taken with you. So the dog always has the coolness it needs, no matter where you are with it. The exceptional cooling performance means that the dog is more efficient in warm environments and its circulation is protected. Especially with older dogs, the cooling mat can massively improve their quality of life in summer and reduce the heat in the beds. But the dog owner can also use the cooling mat, be it when sunbathing, on a deck chair, in the car, etc. Simply activate it with water and no sunbathing gets too hot (note: UV rays can cause skin diseases, always make sure you have enough protection). No cooling technology, additional gels or chemicals are required. The vest reduces heat stress and fatigue so you can perform better during your activities in warm or hot outside temperatures. This product works best in low to medium humidity conditions. The intensity of the air flow determines the cooling effect.

Dogs can't sweat like humans!

The nose not only serves as an olfactory organ but is also essential for cooling the dog. She is the dog's air conditioner. When inhaling through the nose, moisture evaporates in the so-called folds of tissue in the nose, resulting in evaporation coolness. The greater the heat, the faster the dog breathes, it begins to pant. The dog's tongue contributes only slightly to the dog's cooling because its surface area is too small. If you were to spread out the wrinkled tissue of the nose, it would cover almost the entire surface of the dog's bed corner. When it is very hot, the dog pants up to 200-300 per minute and breathes in through the nose and out through the snout. An enormous effort for the dog's circulation and organs! Especially in dogs with a short nose (pugs, bulldogs, etc.), heat stress quickly develops, since the short nose is not sufficient to provide the necessary cooling. Brachycephalic respiratory distress syndrome (BAS) is aggravated by the reduced cooling effect of the nose, since cooling through panting is not sufficient. But even with older or very active dogs, the dog's circulation quickly reaches its limits.

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70 cm


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